Welcome to the Ultimate Mass Games Guide

It is fair to say that the Mass Games, now in the incarnation of Glorious Fatherland is fairly well known, and iconic event unparalleled anywhere else. Something that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

I want go into the facts, theories and the whatever’s about the Mass Games here, as that’s exactly what this site is about (please do browse). This site is merely to introduce our page dedicated to the mass games of the DPRK

I personally first saw the Mass Games, then known as Arirang in 2008, and have witnessed it every year since (that is has been on), including being a participant at the opening of Glorious Fatherland on DPRK National Day in 2018, an event that was also attended by Marshall Kim Jong Un.

From 2002-2013, with the exception of one missed the Arirang Mass Games were an absolutely huge event for North Koreans and foreign visitors alike, for tourists particularly there really wasn’t a better time to come. Alas in 2013 it came to an end.

The next 5 years brought a lot of speculation on if the Mass Games would return, which they did in 2018 titled Glorious Fatherland, or Glorious Country. Happily they have now returned again for 2019.

No one quite knows if this will be a one off, or a yearly event, but our site is here to bring you all the official news about when, and where to see the one of the most spectacular events on earth, The Mass Games.

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