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North Korea got us all hot and bothered by announcing the Mass Games would start in June and go on until October, with a new title Prosperous Country replacing the theme of 2018 Glorious Fatherland. Let us not forget that Glorious Fatherland was attended not just by Kim Jong-Un, but also the president of South Korea. It was no small event.

On June 10th (opening night) it was attended by Chairman Kim Jong-Un, and unfortunately, it appeared and was indeed reported that he was not all that happy about the performance (we thought it was good to be fair).

But! Fear ye not, as the word on the grapevine is that there will be continued practice, maybe a few changes, and that Mass Games Prosperous Country should resume sometime around August.

Sadly there is not all that much information apart from that, although obviously as it comes in, it would be something we would be writing about (an article about the said opening night is indeed in the works).

So! Where exactly does that leave us? Pretty much in a part-guessing, part knows what we are talking about phase.

It is our humble opinion, and we have been led somewhat to believe that booking anything post-August 15th would be the best bet, although again this is theory rather than fact.

If it does indeed resume in mid-August we would then expect it to continue throughout the months of September, and right until the end of October, or potentially even into early November (although it does start to get a bit cold then).

Obviously, at this site, we would be devastated if it did not resume for some reason, although visiting North Korea is about more than the mass games!

So, see you at Prosperous Country (hopefully anyway).

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